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This is for the New Humans!

If you follow us on our social media, you have probably seen our post about exposing children to books and how we take it very seriously.

Hey! this is Sharnae speaking, since becoming a mama to a beautiful babe my perspective on life has evolved. One of the main areas that it has done that in is the parent area. Before finding out I was pregnant I had a different point of view of children and how they should be taught. A lot of my previous jobs have been with children, from a summer camp instructor, child care taker, to a mentor. All having different impacts on how I viewed children and their upbringing. I leaned in on formal thought process of teaching children, I taught children how I was taught as a child (but with waaaaay better games...not to toot my own horn). But now it has all changed, I do not look at children as children but instead new humans! We all remember being in school and having a new student, it was our jobs as a friend to show them the ropes and if they needed help we were there. In a very simplified thought process this is how I parent, I follow her lead and I give opportunities to learn and experience. I see her wanting to explore objects with her mouth? perfect! let me find some new human safe items and food she can explore using her mouth. Pumpkins, balls, watermelon, raisins, and different kinds of sprinkles. I am no expert and I only have one babe but I believe whole heartedly that learning is about satisfying the natural urge to be curious and explore.

How do we do that? well, one way is through books! specifically their subject/content, because exposure is one key. My babe has books about nature, animals, emotions/feelings, LGBTQ+ families, consent/bodily autonomy, her culture (black & Mexican), and so much more. With that being said, I not only want to have a wide range of books available for you all to purchase for the new humans in your life but I want to be able to give something to you guys as well. So every Sunday on Hush Hush Reads Incorporated's website there will be a children's book reading video uploaded! Woot Woot! The readings will be books that I have available and ones I don't but believe are good ones to have in any collection. The subject of the books will be a wide range as well!

I know we are all used to the 2021 version of media, perfectly, perfect. Videos that are rehearsed down to a t, full sets, and amazingly edited. I love those videos just like everyone else, but here at Hush Hush I will be giving a raw experience. I am not perfect and I do not try to be, I try to show my babe that we are all learning no matter how old or young. I want to show that to all the new

humans that engage in our reading content. I want to give a authentic experience, a warm, comforting experience, and that is what I am going to give. We are excited to not only just be launched! but to be able to provide amazingly authentic content to our growing community! Make sure to set your reminders for our Sunday videos here at Hush Hush Reads Incorporated!

xoxoxo, Sharnae Ward

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